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Air Conditioning Experts 

What is R410a?

It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

What is SEER?

SEER is an abbreviation for season energy efficiency rating and is a measure of how efficient a unit operates. A 13 SEER product for example would be more efficient than a 10 SEER unit.

Can I place plants around my outdoor unit?

Yes, but make sure you keep clearance for proper airflow.

Will my new system have to be inspected by the city or county officials after the installation?

Yes,  mechanical code requires this.

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or we can arrange financing.

What is a two-stage gas valve?

It is a valve that meters gas into your furnace and it has two stages; a high stage and a low stage.

Why can't I just change my outdoor unit to puron equipment without having to change my indoor freon evaporator coil?

The two pieces of equipment use different refrigerant and the two refrigerants do not mix and will cause your new compressor to fail prematurely.

Will you remove my old equipment and dispose of it?

Yes, we remove all old equipment and recover any refrigerant according to EPA guidelines.

How much money will a 90% furnace save me over my current furnace?

Typically, most older furnaces from have an efficiency rating of 65% or less so your energy savings could be 25% or more depending on your usage and with the installation of high efficiency equipment.

How much will a 13 seer A/C save me over my current system?

Typically most of the older units we replace have ratings of 8-10 SEER, so you could expect savings in the 30-40% range on your cooling bill.

Should I have a service contract?

Absolutely, you wouldn't run your car for 10 years without oil changes or inspections. Your heating and cooling system is a machine that needs regular service for a long durable life.

Do you use anything to protect my floor or furniture?

Yes, we wear shoe covers when in your home and during installations lay down fabric tarps to protect your floors.  We make every effort to leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived.

To get answers to questions not listed in this section, please submit your inquiry to us using our Contact Us form. Thank you for choosing Superior Heating and Cooling. 

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